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Meet Kelli Manzano

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

We all struggle and get overwhelmed sometimes. If you are feeling this way more days than not, then it's time to give therapy a try. Whether it is past issues creeping into your present, fear of the future, or a current problem that has taken its toll, there are skills and tools that can help you cope and manage these issues, and a helpful professional willing to partner with you in this process.

Since 2006 I have gained experience working with issues stemming from substance use, mental health disorders, and trauma. I offer a safe and supportive environment to build insight, test new coping skills, encourage growth and challenge thoughts that no longer serve you.


I best serve ages 12 and up. I speak conversational Spanish and have a Hispanic family. I am an Ally for the LGBTQ+ community, and have experience treating gender diversity. I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional from the Association of International Trauma Professionals.


My practice is often full, so I work hard to refer to area providers when needed.

Core Values

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    You are worthy of love, belonging, care, purpose, connection, just as you are. You deserve respect and dignity without judgement.

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    You are not broken or damaged. What has happened to you in life does not diminish your wholeness. All major areas of life need to be nurtured to feel whole.

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    You can do hard things. If you want a better life, you are responsible for making choices and changes where you do have control.

A foundation in these values creates the safe space for emotional growth to happen. These values support the therapy process by building aligned healthy habits and coping skills.

This practice is committed to social justice. That means clients who identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ are a valuable part of the community and deserve the best health care available. We care about eliminating health care disparities among these populations.


Why Psychotherapy?

It can help with


    Struggling with a  relationship that is near & dear to you? Learning healthy communication skills and boundaries can lead to profound change.


    Too down, too nervous, too all over the place? There are tools you can learn to bring emotions into balance & feel more control and stability in your emotional life.


    Sometimes past hurts or unresolved traumas find ways to come out in the present. Triggers can bring them out in ways that shake us. You can learn tools to cope and become more resilient. 


    When major roles in our life change, it changes who we are and how we move through the world. Adolescence, divorce, & gender transition are just a few examples. Navigate these changes with confidence.


    Some seasons of life are stressful. We can change our circumstances & our responses in ways that create more ease. Self care is an important part of investing in ourselves so our capacity to love, care & be present for others grows.


    Healthy habits and consistent routines can give our lives more stability & structure. Many things can get in the way of a schedule that supports your goals. Let's collaborate and test ways to get it right.

Need Inspiration?

"Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start."

— Nido Qubein

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Board of Social Work

Independent Clinical Social Worker

License # DP00944880

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Board of Social Work

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

License # 0904012498

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Board of Clinical Social Work

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Registration # TPSW202

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